Magic By The People, For The People


About Me

Like millions of children around the world, I dreamt of one day becoming a magician whose illusions would bring joy to the masses (...nobody else?).

I’m on a quest to do three things: blow people’s minds, make them laugh, and show them magic is so much more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat. 

My show combines mentalism, magic, comedy and, most importantly, you. You’ll be at the center of the action in a completely interactive show - because what’s the point of hiring a magician if you don’t get to be the lovely assistant?

So take a look around and enjoy. And welcome to Magic By the People, For the People.




PG for the Kids  

Whether it’s a birthday party or a magic class, the show is entertaining and can be customized for younger audiences. My little cousins tell me I’m funny and I do good tricks, so you should take their word for it.


SDFW (Seth Dale for Work) - Edgy Corporate Entertainment

Looking for a twist to your corporate function? The zingers will be flying all night long, making your event one people won't forget. Oh, and the magic will be dope.

It’s all about you

Every trick involves an audience member, guaranteed. The show doesn’t work without you - simple as that.

Happy Clients = Happy Seth

The answer is yes - I’ve really performed for these people. And no, I didn’t pay them to say nice things about me.

Clients Include: